Sindorei's Journal Entry 2

Seeing that our rabble rousers outside were about dispersed, we decided to hurry down the stairs. Sverra’s familiar scouted ahead and saw people rushing up the stairs from the first floor. Too late to change plans, we met them in battle on the stairs just above the second floor. However, one of their number soon made it clear that he was willing to talk. He recognized Dale as the cleric who had tried to see Cade earlier, and it appeared he was willing negotiate.

Before I realized the need to help communicate the man’s sincerity, Pellucid had taken the opportunity to continue down the stairs despite the head guard’s warnings. It didn’t take long before I could hear the elf hollering about torture and bodies and Lady Raveynos, and “HEEELLP!” This made the most of the rest of the party rush headlong downstairs to his aid. Sverra seemed a bit distracted, so I went more slowly to make sure she was following.

Upon appearing downstairs, I finally faced the infamous Lady Raveynos, along with several of her guards. She had managed to stoop so low that some of her lackeys were goblins, and there was an obviously tortured and beaten dead body upon a table. Pellucid had managed to get himself disarmed and taken by the guards. Upon seeing his predicament, along with the evidence of such wicked deeds, I decided to end this woman’s torturous reign.

I set about me with sword and orb, creating frozen mishaps, force daggers, and even putting some of Raveynos’ toadies to sleep. It was a splendid performance; the ardent was so awed he actually prostrated himself before my powers. When the battle was done, we did find Cade in one of the cells, and the guard who had been speaking to us, Mykal, helped us free him.

Unfortunately it appears that Cade’s beloved has gone missing after she was taken. He is so desparate, that I think the others may agree to help him. I am sure a few coins in the right palms from his uncle would figure the problem out though. I am so looking forward to that banquet in Crieste.

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Sindorei's Journal Entry 2

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