Kassantia: (Metropolis, pop. 62,870)

In all of the Northlands, the city of Kassantia is second in size only to Punjar, and second to none in eldritch grandeur. Home to the Winter Palace of the Emperor, the prestigious Royal Academy of Sorcery, and the mysterious Ordo Arcana, the city is rightly said to be the Gem of Crieste.

Wondrous sights and sounds abound in the city’s shops, archmages can be seen arriving astride pegasi and enormous rocs, and the brightly armored knights of the Sable March patrol the well-cobbled streets.

Kassantia is also the home and destination of the imperial tribute fleet. Twice each year the fleet sails into port, bearing gold and exotic wonders tithed by the empire’s far-flung colonies. While the fleet generally takes six months to complete one circuit, the precise timing and arrival of the fleet is one of the empire’s most carefully guarded secrets. Only once has a treasure ship ever fallen to piracy: to the fell pirate Bloody Jack. Jack’s success has inspired many a knave to dream of cutting galleys from the gold-laden fleet, and the shipping lanes leading to Kassantia are littered with sunken pirate vessels.


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