The Northlands: Day of Fates

Making Their Escape


The party released all the prisoners save Aturo and the madman. Cade immediately began to talk about Ola, saying that they had both been arrested but that she had not been imprisoned in the dungeon.

Mykal, when questioned, tells the group that the captain wasn’t considered a very good officer and that there were all kinds of rumors circulating as to how she had been made captain, maybe blackmail, maybe having some connection. He also tells the group that most of the guards were also, like him, pretty new recruits.

They start looking through the tower for clues about the captain’s supposed history of taking bribes, and also about anything specifically relating to Cade. They find a magic mace in a crate among some other mundane weapons. They also find several potions. Sindorei spills some ink on the visitor’s log, obscuring the entry about Dale’s earlier visit to the tower. He also messes up the desk’s contents so it looks like the ink spill happened accidentally.

In the kitchen, they find some staff cowering under counters. Sverra tells them to stay hidden and the party leaves them unharmed.

On the top floor, they see an elven man who is leaping out the top window (broken earlier upon their entry). Mykal identifies him later as Dunn, the captain’s spymaster. Dale recalls him from his earlier visit to the garrison. They realize that too many people have seen them, and it is definitely time to make their exit. They perform a quick search of the captain’s study, finding two empty storage areas, and one that is open and contains an empty chest. Sverra takes an illuminated book from the captain’s desk, it looks to be a volume of fairy stories. Sindorei finds a stack of paperwork and they decide to take it along and study it later. Dale finds a secret compartment in Ravenyos’s desk, which holds some money and a couple of bags of gems. It looks as if it may have held more at one time, the compartment was not nearly full.

The group, along with the freed prisoners, leaves the way they came in. Down in the courtyard, they avoid the ruckus in the front and give the gypsy and the rogue a handful of coins each, and ask them to lay low. The two are grateful and agree to do so. Etienne (the gypsy) tells the party she owes them a favor, and that if they have need of her, they may seek her out in Smoke.

Mykal has thrown his lot in with the adventurers, since he is certain he was spotted fighting against the captain. The group tells him they are planning a trip to Kassantia, and ask him to come along. He accepts, but says he needs to stop by his house to warn his family and pick up some things. They agree to meet at the Malhaven’s manor.

It is late, but Lord Malhaven is pleased to see his nephew and unconcerned about the time. He looks through the papers and finds a report there that seems to indicate Ola and Cade had been under surveillance for some time. Cade is again insistent that Ola needs their help, but in the absence of any real clues, Lord Malhaven agrees with the party that it might be best that they make themselves scarce in Punjar for a while. He suggests they might want to make arrangements for their household as well (the Lady Constance and Arday) and agrees that a trip to Kassantia sounds like a reasonable escape from what might become an ugly situation in Punjar. He agrees to keep in touch, and will certainly pass any important news along to the party. Mykal arrives to meet the group, and they head off to New City.

Arriving home, they relate the story of the night’s events to Constance. They offer to take her along to Kassantia, or to set her up in a new house, in her name, here in Punjar. She wavers briefly, perhaps thinking of her new beau, but ultimately decides she is safest with her friends and that she will accompany them to Kassantia. They will also take Arday along. She begins packing trunks and chests for their trip, and recruits Mykal and Pellucid to stay behind with her to pack while the rest of the group goes about securing passage on a ship as soon as possible.

There are no boats leaving until morning, so the group returns home, deciding it probably would be safe to spend one more night in their rooms, and help Constance finish packing. They are prepared to leave for Kassantia at dawn.



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