The Northlands: Day of Fates

Inside the Tower


The party hastily stowed the prisoners in the closet and took what might be magical from the broken body of the wizard, then peered down the stairs to see if they had been detected.

Sverra sent her dragonling down to aid them in their reconnaissance. The floor directly below them was clear, but the familiar spotted a group of guards coming up the stairs from the first floor. They were about halfway between the first and second floor. Upon receiving this report, the party moved to intercept, and a battle ensued with the guards on the landing to the second floor and the party above them on the stairs.

Sverra took out some of the less-capable recruits with a spell. Brash worked his way down to fight face-to-face, and Pellucid leaped over the railing toward the landing, making the jump easily. the groups traded blows and arrows for a little while, until another group of guards appeared from below. One of them, a sergeant by the looks of him, shouted at the group to stop fighting in the name of the law, and ordered the other guards to put away their weapons and follow him to the second floor dining hall. He wanted to negotiate with the party, and guessed they were there to rescue Cade Malhaven, having seen the priest attempt to talk his way in earlier that day. His name was Mykal, and did not appear entirely hostile to the idea of getting the young noble out of the tower.

Pellucid took advantage of the lull in combat to make a break for the stairs, and ran all the way to the bottom, where he discovered a dungeon that contained the Lady Captain, her torturer and his assistants, and several prisoners. He shouted some impertinence at Captain Ravenyos, who laughed and ordered him arrested. He surrendered to the guards, who disarmed him, and yelled up at his compatriots that he was being captured and what he had seen below.

Cursing, Sergeant Mykal and his squad hurried down with the party. Sverra and Sindorei hung back. The captain ordered the sergeant and his squad to put the priest in one of the cells, as she had heard about him earlier in the day and knew he was likely here to cause trouble. As Mykal approached Dale, he whispered at him to follow his lead, and started to march him past the Lady Captain, only to free him and attack his mistress from behind.

Pellucid broke free of his captors and used his psionic abilities to confuse the one holding his weapon into attacking his cohort. He shouted out that the weapon was cursed and that only he could wield it. His bluff worked, and the guard dropped it on the floor, startled. The ardent picked up the blade and joined the melee.

Sverra checked the door on the first floor, and finding it barred from the inside, moved downstairs to join the fight. She joined Sindorei and Brash at the base of the stairs and they began to take out the remains of Mykal’s squad, who had chosen to fight with the Captain rather than their sergeant.

After a long, drawn-out battle, all the Dragonnes were dead save the Sergeant. The prisoners began to bang on their cell bars, and Cade called to the group: “Friends! I am over here. You come from my uncle? Tell me, is there any word of Ola? She was taken away as well, but she is not here and I fear for her life!”

The other prisoners are: A woman dressed in a colorful robe and a lot of costume jewelry, calling herself Etienne; a madman who does not speak to you; a dark-haired man with cold grey eyes who calls himself Aturo; and a halfling rogue named Gan. The sergeant picks up the keys lying on the torturer’s table, and indicates that the madman and Aturo should probably not be let out, as they are genuinely dangerous. The others are relatively harmless—Etienne is a fortune-teller that the arresting guard suspected of cheating patrons (possibly himself) in the market, and the rogue was arrested for pickpocketing.



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