The Empire of Crieste

Ruled by: His Divine Eminence, the Rampaging Lion, Immortal Emperor of Crieste

Capital: Archbridge(during Summer Court), Kassantia(during Winter Court)

The Empire of Crieste once dominated the North. Its vast holdings, built atop the moss-covered ruins of an even older civilization, have themselves fallen into ruin; once again fierce monsters roam the wild, travel between the towns and cities is seldom undertaken without escort, and sellswords and warcasters are in great demand.

Crieste was once much larger and more powerful than it is now. Many years ago, Emperor Oststad disappeared and with no clear heir, the empire passed into the Interregnum: three hundred years of internal feuding that culminated in the secession of the Southern Province. Other kingdoms and principalities were quick to follow, eagerly making their bids for freedom.

Hoping to stem the tide of seceding states, the lordbarons displayed a rare moment of consensus and elected a seven-year-old boy to sit upon the Dragonskull Throne. Now ten years of age, the Child-Emperor rules with the assistance of his vizier, Lady Mortianna. The child will assume full powers upon his fifteenth birthday.

The Child-Emperor is also served by Captain Sentri, Master of the Sable March and General of the Seven Armies. Sentri embodies all the virtues of chivalry, swearing complete loyalty to the Emperor.

Crieste is celebrated for the honor and nobility of its knights, and no knighthood captures the spirit of galantry better than the Order of the Sable March.

Even more secretive than their armored brothers are the wizards and sorcerers belonging to the shadowy cabal known as the Ordo Arcana. Rumor holds that the spell-casters meet on every full moon, wearing elaborate masks to conceal their identities. The Ordo Arcana makes its headquarters in the magic-laden city of Kassantia, in the tower known as the Howling Fane.

At present, both the Empire of Crieste and the Southern Province lay claim to the Dragonskull Throne of Kassantia, and the scions of both nations aver to be the true Son of Heaven. So long as the two emperors fight for the same throne, the empire’s outlying kingdoms will continue to exercise their independence, growing stronger with each passing season. Within one hundred years, the mightiest human empire the world has ever known may be nothing but a memory.

Cities: Archbridge | Kassantia

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The Empire of Crieste

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