Sverra's Journal Entry 12

We tracked the bandits. They had a large, fenced camp. They also had dogs! I dislike dogs. As we were standing in the trees, trying to discuss what we were going to do, the wizard went up to them to ask if they were bandits. Their response was to send dogs. Brash’s response was to charge them. My response was to move through the trees like a ghost. My aim? Stay away from the dogs.

I traveled around the fence, through the trees, while the rest of the party engaged in combat. My gosh, that is one large fence, 3 halflings tall! But luckily, there was a tree right next to the fence that would be just perfect for me to climb up. Silly bandits. Just as I was about to use the tree to sneak inside the compound, I heard a shout from inside, “treasure is running away!” So instead I dashed around the back of the compound just in time to see the leader, laden down with chests. As soon as I got into range, I sent a chromatic orb after him with most of my strength. It didn’t do much, but it was enough to daze him in place, long enough for the wizard to web him from inside the compound. After that, I walked up closer, but was too out of breath after the run to concentrate on the spell, so I missed. My followup casts was seeing very little success so far, so I changed to more drastic measures, I walked right into the web to stand next to him. At that time, Pellucid and his two dog friends (I hate dogs!) were there as well. Luck favored me after that, allowing several of my fiery spells to land into a nice power stride.

After combat, I took the chest, which the leader had been using as a weapon, and deftly unlocked it. To my great delightful surprise, there were a pair of halfling dice! Not only are these in the design reminiscing of my home, but they’re magical too. They apparently allow you to store your luck for future use. How neat. However, I can see the other party members eying them with their greedy little eyes. I’m willing to bet all my fortune that at least one of them, if not all of them, will want to try to take them away from me. I’m going to have to be really sneaky in order keep them.

I think Pellucid is ranting something about letting the bandits go? What nonsense. Bandits hurt people.. but whatever. They’re my dice!

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Sverra's Journal Entry 12

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