Sverra's Journal Entry 11

We slept after interrogation. I started a basket weaving during my watch. Later on the road we came up on a green dragon fighting hill giants. The familiar became very agitated upon seeing the dragon.

I set a trap on the chest with a needle and the poison we had. For some reason, I didn’t have a spring in all my toolkits and thieves tools. I’ll have to fix that next time I go to town. While I was tinkering with that, they let the bandit go.

We snuck up and saw that the hill giants was beating up the dragon. The giants have a cart with people and meat.

We fought the dragon’s attackers and killed them. The dragon died while we were fighting.

We rescued the two hunters, who thanked us and ran away. We attempted to cut up the dragon, then followed.

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Sverra's Journal Entry 11

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