Sindorei's Journal Entry 5

The rest of our trip to Crieste was uneventful. We docked in Kassantia and handed over Howling Jane and her crew. We met up with the Ambassador’s man and were shown to a nice house where some of the banquet guests were staying. After settling in, I went to the library with the pirate’s map.

I could tell that the map was very old, although the notes on it were newer. One looked like a cipher, while the others were someone’s musings. They had labelled the water the Lirean Sea, and had written Axebury there too. While that looked like a plausible theory, I could find nothing else out as to the map’s purpose at the library.

In the meantime, Sverra was galavanting around town buying everyone what she felt were appropriate masks for the occasion. I did buy myself some ceremonial robes on my way back to the house…dark blue with gold stars, very dashing. My mask seemed a lot more suited to some sort of dancing girl, or perhaps an elf than a dignified character like myself.

We enjoyed 3 days of parties before the big banquet. Everyone was quite happy and relaxed. We did hear a few rumors though. Some armed bandits have been bothering the roads near Davohson, north of Kassantia; the headmaster of the sorcery school is part of a secret magical cabal that is up to no good; there is some sort of power struggle surrounding a Captain Sentry; and Ft Dolor is looking for hirelings.

The banquet itself was marvelous. I got named a Wizard of the Realm, and got to make a lovely acceptance speech. I may have had a little too much wine, because I am not sure if the crowd appreciated my efforts. We did not prevail in many festival traditions, but we did get to mingle with some very important people. Someone also mentioned that there were some who had heard of our latest escapades in Punjar, so perhaps we had best lay low. What a pity.

Because of that last advice, we decided to start hiring to fix up and equip our ship while we made ourselves useful capturing those bandits near Davohson. We bought a cart and some empty boxes and posed as merchants to attract their attention. Our plan worked beautifully, and we did engage and defeat a whole troop of dastardly foes.

More importantly though, over the course of these days, I was able to break the cipher on the note with the map. The text reads

Desolate beach and rocky spire where men of courage stood their ground when eagle warred with lion’s pride.

Sindorei's Journal Entry 5

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