Elam Dev'Shir

Human male, noble of the House of Dev'Shir


Elam is a foppish rake, about 28 years old, with straight black hair, cold blue eyes, and a fragile, porcelain-like visage that shows clearly the elven blood in his family tree. He is quite the gambler, making nightly trips into the Devil’s Thumb. He often frequents houses of ill-repute and rowdy taverns. He gets into trouble fairly often, but nothing so serious that enough money can’t take care of it.

Lady Constance recommended the party to Elam when they needed assistance with a sensitive family matter. When it was resolved, Elam continued his interaction with the group. He is distantly related to Argenta and Pellucid. His parents are Lord Abir and Lady Noura Dev’Shir.

Elam Dev'Shir

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