The Northlands: Day of Fates

Into the Southwatch Garrison


After some debate, the party agreed to rescue Cade Malhaven from the Southwatch Garrison. They sent a message to the Kassantian Ambassador, letting him know that something had come up. They would attempt to make the Day of Fates ceremony to be honored for their part in his daughter’s rescue, but if they were delayed it was unavoidable.

Pellucid and Sverra made use of their people skills in asking around the Souk about the garrison and its prison. While they heard many tales, they were unable to find anyone who had actually been inside the prison personally. They were able to confirm that bribery is a common practice in the Souk, and it seemed that the people feared to speak out against the Southwatch Dragonnes.

Dale attempted to visit Cade under the pretense of being his spiritual advisor, but was unable to get past the desk clerk and into the dungeon. He did have some limited success observing the distribution of the guardsmen and in investigating the inhabitants of the tower. There were 6 guardsmen marching about on the grounds with 2 drill sergeants, 2 archers on the towers, and two guards by the gate. There was a small guard house beside the keep, housing an unknown number of guards. The keep had one guard at the door and a clerk at a desk on the first floor, and had two more floors above it. Lady Captain Ravenyos makes her home inside and is very proud of the 3 stained glass windows on the third floor where her study is.

Some of the other party members inspected the walls around the tower that border the City of the Dead and the Black Swamp, and determined the best places to scale the wall.

After completing what investigation they could, they formulated a plan to gain access to the garrison tower. Sverra and Pellucid found a rowdy bar and bribed some of the patrons to start a disturbance outside the keep walls. They also recruited some beggars they felt could be induced to use the keep as target practice. They waited until nightfall. While the rest of the party went around the back of the wall, Sverra started the riot with a blazing starfall to one of the towers, starting a minor fire. The slingers joined in, smashing one of the large stained glass windows. The party took advantage of the guards emptying out the front to climb the wall in the back of the keep. Sverra met them, using teleport to climb, and then the entire group climbed to the top of the tower. They gained access to the top floor through one of the large windows.

Unfortunately, the clerk was up there, and called for guards upon seeing the party enter. A fight ensued. The clerk turned out to be a wizard, and fairly well-trained. The two guards who answered his call were simple muscle. Brash and Dale found the wizard extremely frustrating, as he managed to magically elude them several times. Sverra kept one of the guards busy. They finally did subdue the two guards, but the dwarf underestimated his swing a bit and cut the wizard completely in half, splattering Dale in blood and guts.

The party removed the guards’ surcoats and tied them up, placing them in one of the ‘tower’ rooms at the corner of the keep. Sindorei took the wizard’s robe, necklace, staff and ring, having determined that he was wearing something magical but not wanting to take the time to determine precisely which item it was. They placed his body in the room with the guards. They placed a cabinet in front of the door, hoping it would hold the guards in there long enough for them to complete their descent of the tower.

As Sverra peered out the window to the courtyard below, she saw that the riot appeared to be winding down as people fled the clubs and shields of the garrison guard. The party prepared to move down to the next floor of the tower.



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