The Northlands: Day of Fates

Across the Sea


Early the next morning, the party and their household (Lady Constance and the boy, Arday) made their way to the docks to meet the ship captain they had chartered passage with the night before.

As they were beginning to load their belongings, they were approached by a contingent of the Southwatch guard (strangely out of its jurisdiction) and the captain of the squad tried to prevent them from leaving Punjar. Sindorei disguised himself as a deckhand and continued to help load their possessions. Sverra took Arday quickly aboard the ship. Pellucid took the captain aside, and after some conversation and a small exhange of cash, he agreed to let the party go on unmolested, despite the vociferous protestations of one of the guards (who bore a striking resemblance to one of the guards the party had left alive).

Captain Burke and his first mate were relieved that they were able to set sail without further incident. As dusk approached, though, the lookout spied a ship on the horizon with crimson sails—the Blood Eagle, with her notorius captain Howling Jane and her well-known crew. Captain Burke consulted with the party, should they flee or fight? Fight was the decision, and as the ships closed amidst cannon-fire and clever manuevers, the crews prepared to fight.

A brief battle ensued as the ships met. As soon as they were grappled together, Brash leapt from the Silent Star to the deck of the Blood Eagle, gathering the pirates to him in a storm of swordplay. Sverra summoned up a storm to try and blow some of the pirates overboard, but had only slight success. In the end, Howling Jane and her first mate, Jack Fargloom, surrendered rather than face death at the party’s hands. Dale went among the injured pirates, saving whom he could. The prisoners are shackled in their ship’s hold, which the party has commandeered. In the captain’s quarters, they found some treasure, as well as several maps that Jane refused to talk about.

The party is piloting the Blood Eagle toward Kassantia with the assistance of the crew of the Star. They should reach Crieste in another day and a half or so.



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